Oct. 18, 2009

Date: October 18, 2009
Title: Forum: Pastor Bankson presents the Biblical view of Human Sexuality. Comments following are from our congregational president, Dr. Dan Haskins, DVM.
Speaker: Pastor Mark Bankson

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This forum is presented in response to the August 2009 decision at the ELCA Church Wide Assembly to ordain homosexuals in lifelong same sex relationships and to bless same sex unions. A task force of nine members will be formed following a directive from our council. The nominating committee will present names at the November 8, 2009 congregational meeting. These nine nominees plus any nominations from the floor will be voted on by congregational members at the second congregational meeting, November 22. The nine nominees receiving the most votes will make up the task force. Pastor Bankson will be a non-voting member of the task force.

The responsibility of this group of nine is to recommend to the congregation the path to take. There are several possibilities including leaving the ELCA to join another Lutheran body that has not strayed from the authority of scripture. Another possibility is to stay in the ELCA. This is a very very difficult situation the ELCA has presented to congregations. It will require study and much prayerful consideration.

Here are some websites for more information:
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Lutheran Coalition for Renewal http://www.lutherancore.org
Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ http://www.lcmc.net

Christianity Today http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2009/septemberweb-only/135-31.0.html

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